Grow at Failures

Many of my friends believe that photography is a hobby with a high success rate. It is clear: You just have to pull out your camera and automatically snap the best pictures. So easy! Most people miss the fact, that there are miles between a random snapshot and a precisely planned composition. And as I mentioned in a previous post, when nature is involved, a lot of things simply cannot be planned 100%. And then there is the component of your own failure.

This weekend was one of the few opportunities in the year, to record a special happening from a specific location. The first day, I was incredibly lucky with the weather. But I was a bit short on time and in the hustle and bustle I screwed it up. I was only slightly wrongly positioned to take the perfect moment… A problem that could have been solved easily with little correction. But in a hurry I moved left instead of right. By the time I realized it, it was unfortunately already too late!

Rising full moon over the Bachtel
Full moon over Bachtel Tower

Are these bad pictures? No, not at all. But the mission was to have the tower in the foreground of the moon. So a failure! Will my friends notice? No. 🙂

Lesson learned:

  • Be there on time
  • Prepare properly for possible corrections onsite
  • No hassle
  • Turn on your brain.

New day, new luck. Different location, different circumstances (no luck). This time the weather god was not on my side. Full Moon? Yes, it was there, behind the clouds… Oh Rapperswil, you just don’t want to treat me nice!

Rapperswil in the mist

A weekend to become desperate? No! Make the best of the situation. Take every chance, even if you don’t have any. Learn from your own mistakes and try to find the light even on the darkest day. For example: Just turn 180 degrees. Oh look, what is there? Nice!

A lonely tree in the dawn

Sometimes you have to make mistakes in order to grow. I want to continue growing in 2020.

Happy New Year!

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