Fascinated by electronic gadgets, I discovered digital photography in the late 90’s. The very first models used 3.5″ floppy disk as a storage medium with a capacity of 1.44 MB! My first real serious hands on experience I made with a Sony Cybershot DSC-F505 during a USA road trip. As storage capacity was expensive, 640×480 VGA resolution was the way to go back then… not even using the maximum resolution of the camera! I also proudly owned the very first Canon Digital IXUS (2.1 MP), which was a very beautiful and small pocket camera… Do you remember, when 16 MB rocked the world? Over the next years, I upgraded my gear through several generations of point and shoot cameras, but I slowly was getting annoyed by the limitations of this device type. In the mean time, digital cameras have become a serious solution for professionals. But instead of jumping on the “you want shoot professional, you need a DSLR” train, I was more attracted by the rangefinder form factor. In that perspecitve, Fujifilm really understands my personal requirements and their products are like a natural extension to my body.

Welcome to Earth

Who doesn’t like to travel? Our world is a miracle! Discover some of the most famous but also unknown places on this planet. Sometimes it’s just a brief moment or a small fragment that unleashes the magic.

People are Beautiful

As much as we may differ on the outside and no matter how many different languages we speak, our eyes speak a universal language. And a smile can build bridges. Isn’t being human just beautiful?

Hunting for Colors

The world is colorful. But who can still remember black-and-white television? No, I don’t want to turn back the wheel of time. But sometimes the absence of color can help to make a special moment appear even stronger. And then there is the combination of both worlds..

A Shot in the Dark

Light is life. Whether illuminated cities, fireworks or our sky in the darkest night. Everything changes with light. A shot in the dark in this case has nothing to do with Peter Sellers or Pink Panther, but takes a look at my passion for long exposures.

I STOP for Animals

We share our place on earth with many other living creatures. We have to take care of our planet to preserve them. I have a great passion for animals and it is always exciting for me to observe them. Some do not mind the presence of humans, others are extremely shy and it takes a lot of patience to get them in front of my camera.

The Panorma Experience

My high resolution panoramas allows me to print very large formats by preserving all details Normally, we look at pictures as a whole from a certain distance. But what if there is much more to be discovered? My high-resolution panoramas show every hidden detail up close. Zooming desired! When you get this resolution for print, the picture works on two levels: From a distance but also from a few centimeters. Step by step these image get a new dimension. Have fun!

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