Welcome to my small world!

This is my Ground Zero. After Google announced to kill Google Plus (or G+), which was my social universe, my creative spot to present my photo collections, my blogging home and my place to discuss and learn with and from other people, I had to rethink my online strategy. And here we are! No other centralized undemocratic regime will ever kill my content and kick me out. My own domain, my new home.

Looking for my photography business?

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After two years of evaluation, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my next generation AV processor. My decision was made in favour of the Emotiva RMC-1L. Until recently, according to the forums, the software was so unstable that I…

Optical illusion!

Today, I got a nice surpirse when I opened my mailbox and found this: Finally, the last piece of the puzzle has arrived! Well, not really the very last… as you know, a real audiophile optimizer is never satisfied. There…