I proudly present: The Full Moon!

Nature is so incredibly versatile and full of surprises! As a photographer I can create from an infinite source and have spectacular experiences every time I am out. Just yesterday morning, I was able to admire this beautiful red dawn and did not even have to leave my apartment! Just look out the window, Alex!

After a long planning, this morning the time had finally come. Another full moon shooting was on my agenda. Therefore, it started early, so as not to miss the moment. When I arrived at the destination, everything was quickly set: camera, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, angle, time… Perfect!

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present:

The Full Moon!

The Full Moon behind a cloudy sky (in the foreground: Rapperswil)

As wonderful as nature is, we must not forget one thing:  Nature is also indifferent. It does not care what we want. 🙂

That is the reality in photography. There is a lot of failure behind every success. Not every photo succeeds at first attempt and often one visits the same place in vain, only to try again on another day. Maybe I will be able to take the photo in January, but maybe only in a year… or two?

Never give up!

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