Take me to the Greek

After a hectic start into the new year, there is a sudden cooling off due to the global corona pandemic. Banished to the home office, this is a good moment to look back a few months. I did not have the time to process the memories of my last trip.

“Athens, City of the Gods.”

What can you expect from Athens? Yes, tons of ancient monuments and a wonderful museum, full of history! Here we go:

But besides that there is much to discover in the city. And not to forget: Cool bars, great food and nice people. In the pre-Corona era Athens was crowded with tourists. I had to plan accordingly to take pictures that were not crowded with people. You don’t have to visit a museum to see history… the whole city is history!

Here some more impressions:

I have climbed and explored the hills of the city and also made some efforts to take some great high resolution pictures. Click on the pictures below to see the full resolution. Hint: Click on the diagonal double arrows on the right side and use “Pinch-to-zoom” 🙂

Athens from Lycabettus Hill
Acropolis from Filapappou Hill
Acropolis of Athens (with zero people on it)

Have fun and enjoy!


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