Silent Power

Recently, I noticed a weird humming. It was a very bright wheezing. I was a little surprised, because I use a power conditioner to removes common mode and differential mode mains noise (Isotek Evo3 Aquarius). After a short analysis, however, I have been able to locate the culprit: It was the small AC/DC adapter of my streaming bridge (Sonore microRendu).

Since I’ve considered upgrading the power supply for my streaming solution anyway, I had to think about which solution was future proof. I fell in love with the Sonore opticalRendu, the next generation of streaming bridge, that enables galvanic isolation of the network. Getting rid of any potential noise! Well, the selected product from Sbooster is fully compatible with the opticalRendu. Mission accomplished!

Here is the comparison: old vs. new:IMG_20190704_190944

On the left side, the ifi iPower adapter (old), on the right side, the Sbooster BOTW MKII 5-6V (new). In this case, size speaks for itself 😉


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