Sound in other spheres

Swarovski bling bling on floating plater of MAG-LEV

Being an audiophile can be stressful. It’s like the quest for the holy grail that will never end. Innovation never stops and therefore there will always be this new groundbreaking product,  that questions everything you already know or have. When is good really good enough?

That’s why I’m drawn to the High End exhibition in Munich each year. I know it’s silly, but that’s true for a lot of hobbies, right? 😉

Let’s call audio cables as an example. When is the thickness of the cable just ridiculous? And. still. cool! Hohoho!!!


The High End in Munich is by far the largest trade fair of its kind. In other words: The Mecca for HiFi crazy people. You really see everything here. From headphones to all types of electronics and to loudspeakers in unbelievable dimensions! And there are no limits to the price. But unlike the auto shows, you can try everything here. In countless demonstration rooms you can experience almost everything live. When did you last have the opportunity to test drive a Bugatti Chiron?

Here are some impressions of the High End 2019:

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Wait or select left/right to see the pictures of the slide show

This is how it looks like when a small circle of crazy people make a soundcheck with deadmau5. Stay focused!

2019-05-19_20h03m56s_DSF03Just click on the image to see the video.

Finally, I had the opportunity to see a system that is on my wish list. The guys from Emotiva came specially from the US to show their new AV-Preamplifier, the RMC-1L. They also performed a demo of its bigger brother, but my attention was on the RMC-1L alone. 16 channels are enough.

2019-05-11_12h58m20s_DSF125820Emotiva AV-Preamplifier RMC-1L

After a long and exhausting day, we have earned a Bavarian pig’s shank! There is no better place for this, than the Haxenbauer in Munich! And of course they came with some delicious white beers… Prost! Yours, Alex

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