Google’s problem is not inspiration

Today I stumbled across an article that caused deep wrinkles on my forehead. It’s a praise-hymn on Google’s culture of inspiration:
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Please do not get me wrong: I totally agree, that a corporate culture, which inspires its employees to be innovative, is to be welcomed. But innovation without sustainability leads to nothing. Going without a long-term plan, means jumping from one idea to another. This is definitely not the best way to gain the trust of your customers.

I’m not sure, if the linked article above, is not talking about a company that disappeared a long time ago. Is this really the Google of 2018? I doubt that very much. It may well be, that Google has once been identified by these things…  But today, I see Google as a normal large corporation, that is entangled with its own politics.

“It communicates a clear vision.” – Michael Schneider

Does this include the clear vision on messaging apps? So you mean the many changes of direction, leading to products like Google Talk, Hangouts, Allo, Duo, Android Messages…? This is just one example of many. And no, I don’t want to start talking about a failed social network strategy (and product).

In clear contrast stands this article by Mike Elgan: “Google is the new Yahoo”

“Google’s M.O. is to launch some new product or service with great fanfare, convince its loyal fans to go all-in, allow those fans to devote countless hours with the product, then kill the product and leave the devoted fans with nothing.”

– Mike Elgan

That’s what I am talking about. There is no sustainability in Google’s innovation. You can inspire your own employees as much as you want. But by showing up with this track record of failed products, you don’t inspire anybody outside your company walls.

When I look back on Google’s recent history, my opinion is clear: Google’s problem is not inspiration. Google’s problem is also not innovation.

Google’s problem is TRUST.



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