Without me, please!

Dublin, the capital of Ireland. And if one may believe the vernacular, a city that lives for music. The economic boom of the past 20 years also had a positive impact on the increasing number of tourists, who pour into the city every week to drink beer in one of the countless pubs (more than 750) and to listen to live Irish folk music.

Dublin is also the hometown of the band “U2” whose songs are played in every corner of the city. I like U2. But I’m not sure, if I admire the people of Dublin or whether I not just feel sorry about them.

Living in a touristy place is not easy. Also in my city (Zurich), there are corners where the Swiss clichés are celebrated all year-long. For example, you can see Asian visitors eating a cheese fondue in mid-summer at 30 degrees Celsius. But there are only a handful of these places that you can avoid easily.

But if a whole district is being terrorized by the same song, day by day, year by year… Guys, how can you stand this? Unbelievable! I think it’s too bad that the Irish music culture is being reduced to a single song: “With Or Without You” ♪ ♫

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 18.12.20
Just click on the image to see the video

OK. This song and “Brown Eyed Girl” from Van Morrison. 🙂

Please Dublin, I understand that you are proud of your famous band. But for the love of folk music, give your local talents a chance to play some other beautiful songs. I know Temple Bar is full of tourists, but don’t let them dictate your culture.

OK, to finish with some positive vibes, let’s have a look at the bright side of this wonderful city. Here are some impressions of wonderful Dublin:





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