I need Bundles!

Dear Matthew Izatt

I do understand, that it is necessary to consolidate products. Especially for Google, where overlapping products are like a plague. But, please… P L E A S E :  Don’t kill a product, without bringing over its best features in the remaining one. I do understand, that the majority of users have remained loyal to Gmail. But what do you expect? Why should more people make the switch to a revolutionary new product, if you keep the old stuff running? Normally, people are having a hard time with change. So why should they change and believe in your promises? Just have a look at Google’s track record of killing products. But OK, this promise was not your fault. It was made by some funny guy named Sundar. I should not have trusted him. I heard, that he now wants to help chinese people to fight cancer. That’s suspicious, not? OK, enough sarcasm.

So after all, whenever Google is going to announce a new product, would it not be better to wait and see, if the product is really going to make it? Well, that’s what I am going to do in the future.

However, as much as I will try to avoid such pitfalls in the future, there is one thing, that I really learned to love: BUNDLES

Well, to be specific, there are two features: Bundles in combination with Highlights. Let’s see, what problem is getting solved by those two features:

“Inbox highlights the key information from important messages, such as flight itineraries, event information, and photos and documents emailed to you by friends and family. Inbox will even display useful information from the web that wasn’t in the original email, such as the real-time status of your flights and package deliveries. Highlights and Bundles work together to give you just the information you need at a glance.”

Weeks after the shocking news that you want to kill Google Inbox, I still have not found a way how to deal with my E-mails in the future. I am so much used to work with automatic bundles, that the way back to archaic Gmail will be really hard and stony.

There have been several “build your Inbox experience in Gmail” articles posted over the last few weeks. At the end they all come to the same conclusion: Nothing replaces Bundles.

So what are we going to do? You are the Product Manager of Gmail. Please, don’t throw your most loyal users under the bus! Instead, communicate with us. What is Google’s plan for Bundles? I am asking all Inbox users to rise this question to Matthew. Try E-mail or Twitter.

It’s time to get an answer.



    1. Hi Victor. Yes, Inbox will shut down March 2019. Don’t worry, Gmail will not close. Google will force you to move back from Inbox to Gmail. The problem is, that Gmail feels really old and rusty compared to Inbox. Gmail does not yet support Bundles…

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