The bad man is back!

Did I forget to mention, that I love sports? I do. I really do. And it is quite unusual for a guy from Europe, to like American Football. Especially being into such an exotic team as the Green Bay Packers. No, if somebody likes the NFL here, there are teams like the New England Patriots, the San Franciso 49ers or the Seattle Seehawks, that are the usual suspects.

“The Packers? Hmm? And where the f**k is Green Bay? Never heard of it…” That’s the typical reaction you get, when you talk to someone in Europe, not knowing much about American Football.

But I have a passion for the “Cheeseheads” from Wisconsin. They are the only team in the NFL, that is not hosted by a large city. It is the only community-owned professional sports team in the United States, which means that every citizen of Green Bay is an owner (and part) of the team. It’s a non-profit organization in professional sports. How cool is that? Their home field is called Lambeau Field, also known as Frozen Tundra. For me, this team feels like Switzerland! How can I not love it? 🙂 For my readers from Switzerland: This team is somehow like HC Ambrì-Piotta (OK, Green Bay has a better track record in terms of title wins, but other than that…) Do you get it now?

And then there is this Aaron Rodgers. The most talented quarterback in the history of the NFL. Yes, we all know Tom Brady – no doubt the most accomplished (by titles) guy. But most talented? This one goes to Rodgers. After hurting his knee early in the season, the man with the golden gun arm is back! Aaron Rodgers is feared for his incredible last-minute comebacks. Yesterday, he did it again! Enjoy the highlights of yesterday’s game below:

49er vs. Packers – Week 6 Highlights (NFL 2018)Screenshot 2018-10-16 at 06.56.24Just click on the image to see the highlights

What about you? What is your favorite sport? Do you have a favorite team? Who is it and why? Tell me in the comments.

Go Pack go!

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