Dance with Swiss Hip hop!

I love music! And normally, I do prefer exceptional acoustic recordings in super high quality. That’s why I also invest heavy in the right components to built the perfect HiFi system. But sometimes, it just has to be RAW music. There are some tracks which are not mastered to perfection, but the groove is right. Intoxicating. I just have to dance and sing out loud… Are you familar with this feeling?

And if the song is in your own dialect, it’s even more fun! There are a bunch of very talented hip hop bands in Switzerland. Some of them are already broadly known (Stress, Bligg, Steff la Cheffe etc.). Here now one of my current favorite songs:

Churchhill – Nenenenenenei
Churchhill - Nenenenenei
Just click on the cover to listen to the song

What about you? In the times of globalization, where some artists are omnipresent, I sometimes get the feeling, that we forget about our own cultural background and that there are great artists that deserve more attention.

Who is your local favorite? Please let me know about an artist or band that sings in your local dialect. OK, those guys are singing in a dialect from the region of Berne… and I am from Zurich. So it’s not 100% a local dialect, but I think you got what I mean 😉

I am trying to get the lyrics of the song in English, but it’s not so easy…

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