Mission misunderstood


  1. Well said.
    I am most shocked by the total lack of empathy of Roon towards those who have lost their database, especially Danny.
    I am also puzzeled why it is not possible to find the corrupted parts of a database, cut these out and use the rest, but maybe I do not understand enough from this database business.

    1. I don’t think you can expect a paying customer to be an expert in the underlying technology. The real added value of Roon is the management of music data. It is this data that they should take care of. The problem has apparently been known for some time, but they have not felt the need to warn customers before upgrading to the latest version, nor to create workarounds to save the most important data.

  2. I did not mean, that the users should do this, but Roon should be able to release a tool that could fix it this way.

    1. Agree. But even better, Roon should have prevented data corruption in the first place. Why are they only now doing consistency checks as part of the backup process? Why is there no consistency check outside of the backup tool? In my opinion, such checks should run regularly in the background and create snapshots with an automated failback to the last good snapshot, if the system detects data corruption. That’s how a professional company that deals with valuable customer data would handle this.

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