Hot Fusion!

I have been running two websites in parallel for a few years now. It all started with my passion as a photographer, when I was looking for a way to represent my work. This is how my first website originated. It was a place exclusively for my photos. Straightforward and simple. Later I had also integrated a small webshop due to the demand. There was no further need.

Then came the closure of Google+ and my favorite social platform was snatched away from me. Since I see myself as a content creator who wants to contribute my own topics and not just consume what others are doing, the decision to create my own Blog was inevitable. I did not want to put my own content in the hands of another social network anymore. This is clearly stated in the introduction of this website. was born!

I have always kept both worlds strictly separate. Over the years, however, I have noticed that all of my customers have individual wishes and that a predefined store with a limited selection of orderable products will never meet their needs. Also, I want to offer the best possible option for my customers, and that always requires a personal exchange of ideas and expert advice on my part, depending on the area of application (eg where the picture will eventually be hung). This may affect the image to be chosen, the size, the material and its finish. After all, I have long searched in vain for a quality printing service that offers the finishes I want, serves my region, and can be integrated into my photo site. But what good is an automated web store if I have to process all orders manually with a detached print service provider?

Now I also think that there may well be common ground between the two worlds. That is, visitors who like my photos also find my blog interesting and vice versa. My name is Alex Reusch. Why should the brand for my photos be alexreuschphotos? Well-known artists don’t do that either, do they? Therefore I have now come to the conclusion that a merger of the two websites makes sense. A hot fusion! 🙂

That’s why you can now find these News on alexreuschphotos:

Announcement on

Of course, I had to put in some work for it in advance. It was not entirely clear to me how to best implement it (especially how the galleries should be presented), but in the end I think I found a pretty good solution. So as of now there is a “Photo” section on my new united platform:

New Photo Section on

I would like to welcome all photo lovers to the new home! Look around, there have been some changes. The galleries are now a bit more comprehensive, especially the section including high resolution panoramas has been massively expanded. As already mentioned, I have deliberately decided against an online store on this website. Interested people can simply write to me via the newly added contact option and tell me their wishes. Photography is just my hobby and I am fully occupied elsewhere professionally. So forgive me if I do not answer immediately. Thank you!

And for all those who are here now: Have fun exploring my extended website!


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