After two years of evaluation, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my next generation AV processor. My decision was made in favour of the Emotiva RMC-1L. Until recently, according to the forums, the software was so unstable that I was not sure if this brand could really meet my requirements. After all, you don’t want a troublemaker in your house, not? Added to this was the enormous delay of DIRAC (DIRAC is an advanced digital room correction technology). But then somehow a miracle happened, and Emotiva managed to rewrite the software completely and finally released DIRAC.

Only 5 days after order the package arrived:

The RMC-1L offers 16 channels of which I only need a fraction. But the crucial point is that all channels are fully balanced. In addition there are two analog balanced inputs to connect an external DAC. In combination with the “Stereo Reference Mode”, where all electronic processing is bypassed, this AV preamplifier is a weapon in regards of true highend stereo. The system has a precision analog ladder network volume controller, which is the only processing step of the analog input signal. Perfect! Building a system that works equally well for movies and stereo music is the supreme discipline in home audio.

Back side of the Emotiva RMC-1L showing the XLR input & output terminals

I have purchased additional in-akustik Reference XLR cables so that the surround channels can also be operated fully balanced. Previously this was only configured for the front speakers. Oh, and I almost forgot: Recently I also upgraded my streaming device (Sonore opticalRendu) with a new USB cable. Here I have chosen the new Curious Evolved cable. It took almost 4 months until the cable from Australia arrived by ship (Thanks, Corona!).

Curious Evolved USB cable plugged into the streamer

After everything has been assembled, it went straight into testing. Résumé: I have not been disappointed. Everything runs smoothly! No problems, nothing. And the sound is also on the highest level. In the stereo area I have at least no reduction in quality compared to the previous setup and for home cinema I have achieved a clear improvement.

Once again: Alex is a Happy Camper!

– Alex Reusch (2020)

Here is my actual system:

Emotiva RMC-1L, NuPrime HD-AVP, NuPrime-X MCX-4, NuPrime Evolution One (2), IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius

Equipment Overview:

  • AV Processor/PreAmp: Emotiva RMC-1L
  • DAC: NuPrime HD-AVP
  • Streamer: Sonore opticalRendu
  • Multi-Channel Amp: NuPrime-X MCX-4
  • Stereo Amps: NuPrime Evolution Monobloc (2)
  • Power Conditioner: IsoTek EVO3 Aquarious

That’s all folks!
Next step: PS-Audio DAC as a replacement for NuPrime HD-AVP. In this context I will also include a dedicated stereo preamplifier in the test. But this might take another 12-24 months 🙂


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