Happy Customer

As mentioned on my last outdoor experience, my beloved Fuji X-Pro2 digital camera broke down. I did not know the exact reason, but it had to be a problem of the electronics and/or the shutter system. So I sent my camera to the local Fuji Service Center. I had already feared the worst. Repairs of such delicate devices can become expensive very quickly.

In the next few days, Fuji will present the successor model, the X-Pro3. Actually, I was very happy with my current camera and therefore had planned not to switch to the new model. But if the repair would be extremely expensive, then I would have no choice but to dig deeper into my purse. That’s why I set a limit of CHF 650 (equals USD).

Today, I got the camera back – completely repaired! With great surprise, I reviewed the attached invoice:


Less then CHF 125!!! Wow, my baby is back and boy… I am a happy camper!

Service-work done by Fuji:

  • Adjustments
  • Sensor cleaning
  • Camera cleaning
  • FW Update
  • Eyecup replaced
  • Mechanical shutter replaced

Thank you Fuji! This is what I call customer service. Unfortunately I will not buy the new X-Pro3 model. But on the long run: You have gained a satisfied and loyal customer who will continue to use your products in the future. Maybe the X-Pro4? 😉


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