Finally Killed

It finally happened. GooglePlus (aka Google+, aka G+) is history. Like so many great products before, it was thrown on the Graveyard of dead services, eliminated by Google.

Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 01.06.54
Click on the image to see the Google Graveyard (


I am not sad. Without Google’s decision to close down the platform back in October 2018, I would not have started my own blog. Google’s announcement to shutdown Google+, was the trigger of my reorientation for my online strategy. As I state in the intro of my blog:

“No other centralized undemocratic regime will ever kill my content and kick me out. My own domain, my new home.”

– Alex Reusch

Today was only the conclusion of another chapter. I moved on long time ago. I am looking forward and do my own thing now. Nevertheless, for a certain period of time, Google+ was an awesome place. I was lucky enough to participate in this moment. I know that many people cannot understand the enthusiasm some of us had for Google+. That’s because most people do have a fundamental different understanding of social networking as I do (please read my blog entry: The Google Exit Strategy). Two words: Content Creator.

For all of you who have never really understood Google+, I want to say goodbye with the best sumary statement about this (now) dead platform:

“Imagine a social network where geeks have higher follower counts than celebrities. Where there’s no advertising. Where trolls get crushed and ordinary people have a voice. Where smart people gather for long, detailed and interesting conversations. Where most streams aren’t algorithmically filtered. Where photographs appear at full quality. Where social networking engagement leads to actual, real-life friendships.

Imagine a social network that strikes fear into Facebook, and forces them to improve the site for their users.

It’s all hard to imagine. But for about three years, this was Google+.”

– Mike Elgan

Read the whole article here.

Google+ allowed me to meet great and inspiring people from all over the world. It was a door opener to pursue my hobbies and passions. From crazy Formula 1 fans to HiFi enthusiasts, tech geeks and creative photographers, hobby cooks and motorcyclists, astronomers, politicians, journalists, thinkers and many more – there are countless encounters in all these years. I did not want to miss any of them. Thanks folks!

That’s all. Goodbye Google+ !!!




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