Super Moon in Zurich!

I have been planning this photo for months, but unfortunately I always had bad luck with the weather. Clouds, fog, rain, snow … the whole program. But today the weather god was gracious!

I carefully calculated the exact time and position and I was also considering the angle of the moon. Thank you “The Photographer’s Ephemeris”!

But once onsite, of course I had to know it better. 🙂 So I set up (with the help of my smartphone) a little further up the road. And of course I was wrong! As a consequence, I had to move quickly with my large tripod and telephoto lens at short notice. Where? To the originally planned location! That’s why I did not exactly get the desired result, but in the end I’m still satisfied. There is always a next time. Learn by mistake!

Super Moon behind Uetliberg Tower, Zurich

Some information about the picture:

  • Distance to Tower: 6.4 km (3.97 miles)
  • Angle to Moon: +4.17°
  • Camera: Fuji X-Pro2, 100-400mm & 2.0 Teleconverter
  • Focal length: 624mm or 936mm @ 35mm, F/11
  • Exposure: 1/8 sec. / ISO 200
  • Date / time: February 19, 2019 @ 06.59 am CET

Nowadays, there are tons of fake supermoon pictures posted on social media. Hello Photoshop! 🙂 Do not get fooled! It takes a very large focal length and enough distance to the object in the foreground, to make the moon look that huge. This image here is using almost 1’000mm!!! Also, there is the challenge to get the picture evenly lit. Especially the object in the foreground in combination with the moon, makes most compositions impossible. Pictures like this, will only work close to sunset or sunrise. Be skeptical! Unlike this picture, 99% is fake.


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