Extending my HiFi Rack

As a HiFi enthusiast, I am constantly optimizing my system. It’s like a drug. In an earlier attempt, I have replaced my existing all-in-one AV receiver (Denon) with a pre-amp / power amp combination from NuPrime Audio. From an audiophile standpoint, this was the right direction. However, finding a solution from a manufacturer that covers the two disciplines of home cinema and highend audio equally, is almost impossible. While NuPrime shines on the audiophile side, the company has some difficulties to cover the art of homecinema (and they finally gave up on it). That’s why I decided to move on with separate devices for dedicated functions.

This decision will give me the best of both worlds and also ultimate flexibility. But on the other side, it will also end up in a multitude of devices.

At the end, my system will consist of the following components:


I am currently still using the NuPrime AV pre-amp, as the RMC-1L from Emotiva is not yet 100% stable (incl. missing features like DIRAC). But my latest upgrade step (NuPrime Evolution One Monoblock Power Amp) did already create some space issues in my HiFi Rack:

Hifi System - missing Rack
The addition of the Monoblock Amps forced me to expand my rack.


My hi-fi rack is based on the “Naim Fraim” that has not been designed for full-sized systems. The depth of the rack system is simply too short. That means a custom-made product just for me… I need deeper trays and glass panels.

Naim Tablar
Custom-made trays (light brown)


On this occasion, I have asked the carpenter to create a slightly lighter version as the dark cherry wood version from the factory. The final result looks pretty good:

Naim Hifi System
Extended rack system


I have had another level made, but then the whole thing will become enormously high. I will probably put the future network bridge on the multichannel amp and stack it. This may not be the optimal audio solution, but it just looks better 🙂

What is your next project?



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