Life in plastic is not fantastic!

Because I am not a Barbie Girl, all the plastic waste is annoying me a lot. Recently, I have been wondering why all these Gilette blades have to produce mountains of plastic garbage. On top of that, they are incredibly expensive! I know that I live on a high price island called Switzerland, but cost over USD 3.- per blade is simply a joke – a very bad one.

That’s why I have checked on YouTube for reasonable alternatives… and what a surprise, I found it! It’s the good old safety razor (in German: Rasierhobel), using ordinary double edge blades made of stainless steel. The basic investment is low (about  USD 35 – 45) and the blades are more than ten times cheaper than the Glilette blade refills. The result is even better, because the blades are of much higher quality. Next, to the shaving cream from the can… It does not have to be that way either and is just as overpriced as the Gilette blades. Every year I use about 30 cans of shaving cream. This has to stop! So that means: Go for the classic shaving brush and soap tiegel. Shave with style!

Of course, now I have to practice until I master the old school method of shaving. 🙂

Bye for now,


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