Back to the Past!

Do you remember the cult movie of the 80s with Michael J. Fox? In Back to the Future of 1985, Teenager Marty McFly accidentally travels back in time to 1955, where he meets his future parents and becomes his mother’s romantic interest…

Why I am asking you this stupid question? Well, let me explain: Last weekend, I had the chance to test drive a Tesla Model 3 Performance. I would not necessarily call it a leap into the future, but it was simply an experience, as driving a car in 2019 should be. Let’s call it “Automotive 2.0”

Me behind the steering wheel of the Tesla Model 3 Performance (Thanks, Andy!)

The problem is just, that you have to go back to your old fashioned car from the past. It’s like being Marty McFly. 🙂 And today, I had a fun experience with my generation 1.0 car. When starting the engine, the information display of the entertainment system remained black. I thought at first that I accidentally turned off the system, but that was not the case. The system was rebooting. And booting… and booting! The whole procedure took more than 5 minutes! It felt like eternitiy. I know a cool song about eternity, but this is pretty useless, if the whole entertainment system is down!

5 minutes of eternity: Dark screen on my generation 1.0 car

Don’t tell me, that rebooting of the entertainment system can also be necessary on Tesla cars. Yep, I know. I just did it the last weekend. It took 10 seconds…

No, it’s not just about building an electric car, dear “established” car manufacturers. It’s also about the user experience in 2019 – and I want a smartphone on wheels!


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