The bad man has finally a Defense!

“We’ve got a defense”, said Aaron Rodgers after the 10-3 season-opening win over the Bears at Soldier Field back in September. Now seven games into the season, the Packers lead the NFC North with 6-1 (wins-losses).

Today, “the bad man” Aaron Rodgers became the first player in “modern” NFL history, to throw for 5 Touchdowns, rush for 1 Touchdown, and compile a perfect 158.3 passer rating. Please keep in mind: He was playing the Raiders without his top wide receiver, Davante Adams!

Now that Green Bay finally got Aaron a competitive defense again, everything seems possible. The last time the Packers had any juice on defense, they won their only Super Bowl with Rodgers as starting quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers dismantles the Raiders
Screenshot 2019-10-20 at 23.40.18Just click on the image to see the highlights

Who can stop the Packers this season? Who is it and why? And don’t forget: He is a bad man!

Go Pack go!

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