The Panorma Experience

I shoot my high-resolution panoramas with the help of a robot, so that the images are almost perfectly aligned. The panoramas consist of up to 100 pictures, which are later combined into a single image on my computer. The result: Images with incredible detail! I am also experimenting a lot with new crops that produce amazing results, especially with telephoto lenses. It needs good timing, particularly when shooting sunrises or sunsets.

You can click on the image to see it in full screen mode – or even better: You click on the link in brackets above the caption (click here for full resolution) to enjoy all the details and to get the full experience. This will take you directly to the Gigapan website. Zooooooom! It works best on the desktop (it is a little hard to use on a smartphone).

Tooltip: if you have opened a panorama via the Gigapan Image Viewer, click on the second lowest icon on the toolbar on the right side. This activates the fullscreen mode and the user experience is much better (even on the smartphone). I admit it: On the smartphone it is a bit fiddly, but to discover the pictures in full detail is just great fun!

Now enough of the explanations. Here we go!

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